The Project

The National Autism Project is a new project supported by The Shirley Foundation. Its initial aim is to provide authoritative recommendations on those aspects of autism research and practice that have demonstrable effectiveness in benefiting autistic people and their communities. Its remit is very broad,  encompassing education, social care, community, housing, employment, societal perception and understanding, healthcare and biological/medical research. Building on the recommendations, the National Autism Project will conduct a campaign aimed at policy makers and funders to demonstrate the economic benefits to the UK that could be gained by greater investment in interventions that meet the needs of autistic people, that increase their wellbeing and that enhance their ability to contribute to society.  By applying economic arguments, the National Autism Project intends to increase substantially the proportion of national resource devoted to research and practice in autism. The impetus for the project is the enormous financial impact of autism in the UK (£32b per annum) which is in stark contrast to the very low level of research funding (£4m per annum), especially when  compared with costly medical conditions such as cancer and dementia. This disparity will be addressed through economic modelling and developing scenarios of the economic benefits … Continue reading The Project